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Castillo del Bosque La Zoreda 5* LC

Time for your body and mind
The Well-being of the Forest: at the Spa la Zoreda we offer you the bestfacial and body treatments to provide you with an unique and relaxing experience. Consult here the treatments we offer you.


Basic Facial Treatment (60 minutes): € 65

Deeply hydrates and nourishes, eliminating toxins and promoting blood circulation, essential aspect for cells to breathe.

Moisturizing and Oxygenating Treatment (90 minutes): € 105

Facial hydration helps to reestablish the water levels necessary for the skin to regenerate and present a bright and fresh appearance.

Firming and Anti-wrinkle Treatment (90 minutes): € 105

Softens and corrects expression lines to restore skin firmness and smoothness. Recovers shine and natural tone of the face.

Regenerating Illuminating Treatment (90 minutes): € 105

Accelerates the renewal of the outer layer of the skin, softens its thickness and gives it a radiant lucidity. Solution indicated to combat the loss of volume and elasticity of the face, generated by the lack of nutrients and antioxidants.

Caesar Ritual (120 minutes): € 125

Beauty treatment facial and body massage, dedicated exclusively to men, which provides complete hydration and oxygenation, accompanied by a pleasant feeling of relaxation.